Let's Get "Un-Busy"!

Let's Get Unbusy IG

Let's Get Unbusy IG

In This Episode…

  • Evaluating why you are always so busy

  • What being “busy” really means

  • How to take back your time and get back to doing the things you enjoy

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Key Points

We all have 10,080 minutes in a week. But when it comes to time, one thing is for sure—when it’s gone, you can’t get it back. In our fast-paced culture, we always try to multi-task to get everything done—even those things we don’t want to do and have overcommitted for ourselves. However, the biggest temptation is to confuse activity with accomplishment.

You could also be GIVING yourself things to do on purpose as a way of procrastination. Could you be making yourself busy so that you don’t have to face the music? Maybe you are putting off dealing with your feelings about a situation or making a decision.

Too many people are busy making a living and forget to make a life. Some of the extra responsibilities or electives we take on in life can be the very “things” that rob us from or crowd out the most important things in life; our relationships with our family, hobbies and other things that bring us real joy.

What You Can Do

Don’t be afraid to be unavailable.

Delegate it, delay it, delete it or do it. (If you’re going to delay it, put it on a schedule.)

Listen to that still, small voice. Are you trying to numb a negative feeling or a tough decision? It won’t go away no matter how long you delay it.

Links and Resources

Break Your Busyness Habit by Valorie Burton. Essence magazine (September 2015), p. 168.

Information Overload - Overcoming the Beast of Multitasking  (free 15-minute audio)