21 Ways to Stop Regretting the Life You Didn't Have with Laura and Mark Tong

There is always something you can do - TW

There is always something you can do - TW

In This Episode…

  • How regret can teach you lessons

  • Why you shouldn’t judge a decision/mistake based on its outcome

  • Ways to move forward from regrets

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Key Points

Regret can be a signal that something went wrong, and you can use it as a lesson to be learned.

Regret is usually accompanied by guilt and shame. Remember that when you have made a mistake, it was probably not on purpose. If you had the best intentions, you can’t beat yourself up over it.  The most successful people have failed at something (sometimes multiple times) but learned from their mistakes. Getting it wrong is how we learn.

Would you be this hard on a friend as you are on yourself?  In other words, if a friend did what you did, would you give them the same life sentence that you are giving yourself?

What You Can Do

Don’t judge the quality of a decision based on its result or the outcome. [Daree said this backwards in the podcast.] You may be overestimating the amount of control you had in the situation.

Talk it through with a professional counselor, coach or therapist to help you sort through the issues of regret that cause you emotional pain. If those issues are left unchecked, they can cause harmful attitudes or behavioral patterns to continue.

There is no situation where there is nothing you can do about it—there is always something you can do.



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