Why Don't You Just Listen?!



In This Episode…

  • The reasons it's so hard to listen to others, and how we can get better at it

  • Hacks to improve focus when it comes to communicating with friends and loved ones

  • 6 ways to help others listen to YOU

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Key Points

We lead busy lives and our attention spans are shorter than ever, which makes mindful, active listening a real challenge--and all the more essential to our interpersonal relationships.  Distractions are everywhere, but you can train your mind to focus on listening when it wants to wander and wonder about other things.

What You Can Do

  • Put away your electronic devices when you are in a deep conversation or other social situations.

  • Consider the setting before you delve into deep topics.

  • Let others know whether you just want to vent, or are looking for help/advice.

  • Avoid the temptation to give a monologue or repeat the same point over and over.

Links and Resources

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!, by Marisa Cohen. Real Simple magazine (November 2014), pp. 177-182.

Overcoming the Beast of Multitasking (free 15-minute audio)