What to Do When You Can't Decide What to Do

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In This Episode…

Decision fatigue is REAL! When it comes to what show to watch, dating apps, an entrepreneurial lane, or the supermarket, there are so many different brands, flavors, colors and options that can overwhelm us and cause sensory overload. But you don't have to stress out or worry about making the best, most perfect decision possible. In this episode, Daree teaches you how to decide what to do, when you don't know what to do.

Key Points

Brain drain can result from trying to weigh all your options, and also cause anxiety, lower levels of happiness, and they struggle more with regret.

You can't judge the quality of a decision based on the outcome.

What You Can Do

  1. Set your priorities. Take the time to outline the key criteria for your ideal choice.

  2. Cut yourself off. Once you have your key criteria in mind you’re going to search only until you find one or two options that meet them. Then you have to stop looking.

  3. Get out of your head. Sometimes we start worrying about whether we made the right decision and thinking about all the different scenarios where something could go wrong or a bunch of what if‘s. If this is you, try talking it out with someone who won’t add to your stress. Or you could make a list of pros and cons. Or, just give yourself a break. Taking your mind off of the subject may help loosen up some things and you can go back to it later, feeling clearer.

  4. Let go of perfect! Instead of saying I need to make the right decision and putting so much pressure on yourself, say, I just need to make a good decision. An educated decision.

  5. Commit. Sometimes after you make a decision, you analyze the choice again and wonder if you did the right thing. Once you have finally made a decision, resist the urge to go back and reevaluate it. In the very worst case, which rarely happens, you make a mistake and you may feel bad but you can learn from that mistake and fail forward.


This episode was inspired by the article, Make Up Your Mind by Juno DeMelo in the May 2019 issue of Health magazine.