I Affirm Today with Nicole Decandas

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Nicole Decandas is a self-care, motivational blogger and public-school educator. She is also the author of the new book, I Affirm Today - The Power of Affirmations, Visualization, and Planning, which features 8 packed chapters describing her affirmation process helped her achieve her goals. Listen to this podcast as she discusses:

  • The components of affirmation method

  • How to use colors as you create your affirmations

  • Moving through loss, living out your purpose, and more!

In This Episode…

  • The importance of affirmations 1:45

  • How to create affirmations 3:11

  • Book excerpt 11:52

  • Moving through loss 13:03

  • Success is... 16:14

  • Closing advice 17:36

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Key Points

Some of the most successful people are planners.

Affirmations are a way to bridge your emotional self with your logical self.

You have to think a certain way before you can take action. Every action you take first had a thought associated with it.

Things happen in life that we don't understand, but it's always for a greater purpose. Even if you experience a loss, your life is not over.

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