Fueling your Audacious Dreams with Hayley Luckadoo

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In This Episode…

  • How the Females on Fire podcast was born (1:59)

  • Impostor syndrome and self-doubt that holds us back (5:00)

  • Use your business to serve others (7:07)

  • How Hayley started her business out of her college dorm room (11:53)

  • Getting caught up with business jargon when working in your biz and figuring out what to do (18:42)

  • Why you should rip up your 5-year plan (25:45)

  • The comeback after the setback (27:27)

  • Lacking support for the path you're on and where you want to go in the future (29:50)

  • Getting into the right entrpreneurial mindset (36:24)

  • Success is... (39:45)

  • Hayley's surprising advice for her younger self (40:45)

Key Points

In order to change your business, you have to change your mind.

Some of the best business ideas come from things that weren't supposed to be a thing.

There's nothing wrong with being a multi-passionate entrepreneur. Don't let what you don't know stop you from getting started.

You can't help but be successful by meeting a need.

Wherever there's a setback, don't forget that there's a comeback, too.

No one can tell you what your path is supposed to look like.

What You Can Do

You don't have to have all the answers. You just have to meet a need. So don't focus on what you don't know.

Don't get caught up in all the online advice and get frustrated, because everything you see will not work for you and your business.

Use your business to serve others.

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