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In This Episode…

  • The way we talk about, and think about menstruation
  • Common stigmas about periods that are NOT normal
  • What a normal menstrual cycle looks like
  • The importance of ovulation (not just your period) in your cycle 
  • How your cycle acts as your 5th vital sign
  • Tips for managing periods with food and your lifestyle


Key Points

Just because something is common doesn't mean that it's normal.  PMS symptoms are common, but they don't have to be accepted as normal.

The menstrual cycle is more than just bleeding. The normal range is 21-35 days total, with the bleeding (a mixture of cervical mucus, tissue and blood) takes 2-7 days.  The color of the blood should be bright red like cranberry juice, and should be free of any large clots.

Your menstrual cycle is a fifth vital sign because it can tell you as much about your health as your pulse, temperature and blood pressure.

What we eat eventually becomes our hormones. Dairy can be inflammatory because its full of animal hormones.  Blood sugar is important to our hormonal health, energy and mood.  Hormones are like an orchestra, working together throughout the body to perform all your daily internal functions.

Your body will not ovulate if it is too stressed out from your lifestyle or eating poorly.

What You Can Do

Fertility indicators: Track vaginal discharge and basal body temperature so you know when to engage or abstain from sex to begin or avoid pregnancy.

Sitting and focusing on the food you're eating while you eat is a big deal and helps with digestion and stress. Sugar spikes and crashes can be avoided by adding fat, protein and/or complex carbs in each meal.  Be mindful of the amount of processed, packaged, refined foods you eat.  


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