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In This Episode…

  • What chronic dieting does to your mind and body, and how to become a "free" eater (2:45)
  • How to "make like a tree": the analogy of a tree to reframe your relationship with food and your body (10:04)
  • How to make peace with your body and food (19:00)
  • Ideas for health goals that have nothing to do with dieting or weight loss (33:06)

Key Points

Dieting is stressful, and it's not a permanent fix because of the set point weight theory (your body likes to be at a set weight and gives resistance to changing it).  But we have this tendency to go to others, to gurus, to everyone but our own bodies for wisdom on the best way to eat.

There's no one right way to eat-- the best way for you to eat is based on what foods allow you to feel and function your best, and showing yourself compassion and body kindness

We know a tree by its fruit-- your symptoms. Fix things deeper, in the soil. The soil is your environment and our culture, where you develop your ideas (beauty ideals, our community and home). Roots are adopted beliefs from family and culture. The trunk is outward representation of our beliefs like our exercise routine. Branches, how we eat.

Beauty ideals are a way for our society to oppress us, make us feel like we are not enough as we are.

The number on the scale doesn't say anything about your health. You don't need to be fixed.

What You Can Do

Stop micromanaging your plate, piling on so many rules about food, and living with shame and guilt about what you eat.

Strive for living with more energy, fewer distractions. Start living now instead of waiting for perfection. You give yourself the gift of time because you're not spending it tracking all your macronutrients and workouts, etc.

Reconsider the true definition of happiness, and how your health plays into that.

Make goals without focusing on diet. Set goals or resolutions to feel and function your best. This includes movement, nutrition and nourishment, pleasure.


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Lu Uhrich, Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Body Image Mentor and Life Coach






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