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5 Secrets for Living the Life You've Only Dreamed About

5 Secrets for Living the Life You've Only Dreamed About

In This Episode…

  • Overcoming the blocks that stop you from pursuing your dreams

  • Recognizing and adjusting your priorities

  • Strategies to pursue your dream even if you are working for someone else

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Key Points

We were created to dream. We have imaginary friends and plan our lives as kids, and then we stop.  Give yourself permission to dream and imagine the possibilities in your life. It’s a decision.

It’s a limiting belief that your wants and dreams don’t matter and must be completely sacrificed for your loved ones. If you’re sacrificing all your happiness and putting yourself last while neglecting your dreams, you are teaching your children to do the same. You are their example of how to live. Be the example you want to see your children become. Take the time to do things for yourself—it’s not selfish or wrong to have “me” time.

Some marriages suffer because of misplaced priorities. Taking care of children at the expense of the spouse hurts the marriage. No one should be neglected.

What You Can Do

Do you have a plan for your life?  You can work on your dreams while you are still employed by someone else. Your employer may even have a tuition assistance program to subsidize your education or professional development. Don’t lose yourself in your job.

Don’t wait until a layoff or some unfortunate circumstance occurs to force yourself into living your dream. Realize that you can do whatever you need to do. You can try new things by volunteering and “playing” in area to see how you like it.

Five Secrets to Living the Life You’ve Only Dream About:

1- Allow yourself to dream.

2- Find ways to touch your dream. Play in it.

3- Put a plan together. What you focus on grows. You will get opposition from outside sources, or maybe even self-doubt. But remember that you are not subject to anyone’s validation or approval, so if someone says you shouldn’t do it, or that you can’t do it, consider this. LINK TO TY

4- Accept your mistakes as life lessons.

5- Find like-minded people who think like you. Like-minded people lift each other up. Find people that feed your dream.

Therapy doesn’t mean you are crazy. It means you are getting support to get where you need to go in life. Don’t be afraid to seek support.

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