Sharing Your Story & Journaling Your Way to Purpose with “The Butterfly” Necole F. Turner



In This Episode…

  • The significance of the butterfly

  • The benefits of journaling

  • Living a purpose-driven life

  • Telling YOUR story, and serving the world with your talents

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Key Points

Sometimes on the path of life we have struggles, and a person who means well may hinder us when they are trying to help. We need the struggles and challenges of life to help us grow, develop and mature. Along the way, we find our purpose. (This story was illustrated in The Legend of the Butterfly.)

Necole used her journals to write her book, Reflections of the Butterfly: Affirmations for Empowerment. The practice of journaling provided her with time for reflection. She said that when you look back on things you’ve written about, it should either give you a positive feeling of accomplishment and overcoming obstacles, or it should be something that you can strive to improve and make effectual changes. Journaling allows introspection and self-reflection as your unfiltered thoughts hit the page.

When you get frustrated in life not knowing your purpose, over time it can cause you to lash out at people in inappropriate ways and settings. Spending your life constantly giving to other people without having your own purpose fulfilled leaves you empty and resentful. Dimming your light shortchanges your life’s purpose.

What You Can Do

Live your life authentically—be who you are.

Sometimes doubts will come up in your mind and you may question whether you are on the right track. Whether anyone will notice or care about the work you are doing. But if it is a part of your purpose, you push those negative thoughts aside and persist in your purpose.

Serve your world with your gifts. Someone needs what you have!

Keep it real with YOURSELF first

Keep it real with YOURSELF first

When you’re too hard on yourself, it makes it difficult to share your story with others. It makes it difficult to encourage and affirm them.

Be careful not to blame and judge others based on what you lack. It is easy to think of what the ideal mate would be like, or the ideal best friend, but we first have to look at, reflect on, and work on ourselves.

Sometimes “keepin’ it real” is not the way to go. By all means, stand up for yourself if someone tries to cross your boundaries, but don’t be so quick to project your insecurities on others or create drama when it doesn’t exist. You can’t expect others to deal with your issues or fix them for you.

Do you have insecurities or other issues that are spilling over into your relationships? What will you do differently to deal with those issues? Make time for self-reflection and see how things can change in your life for the better. Be proactive instead of reactive.

The hardest thing for us to do is to point the finger at ourselves and say, ‘I am the problem.’ We always want other people to fix our stuff, but it doesn’t work like that.” – Necole F. Turner

Are you comfortable enough to be your own best friend? Are you still okay with being by yourself when your friends ditch a trip or event your planned to attend together? The beauty is that once you do it, it’s so fulfilling to be able to say, ‘I am a friend to myself, no matter what.’

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