What is Your Calling?: How to Hear God’s Voice, Discern Your Purpose and Live Authentically

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In This Episode…

  • Understanding how to hear from God, and distinguish God’s voice from other voices.

  • Understanding what a calling is, and how it relates to your purpose.

  • Recognizing when someone nearby may need you to reach out, and how to do it.

  • Being aware of your motives (pursuing popularity, profit, or purpose).

  • Realizing what’s at stake if you choose to accept your calling, and start living out your God-given purpose.

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Key Points

God speaks to us in many different ways, but sometimes we miss the voice of God and don’t hear Him because we are too busy hearing too many other voices in our heads. We have to learn how to silence those “unauthorized” voices—including our own—so we can hear what God has to say and get direction on what to do every day.

Society teaches us to put on a façade and be fake, but we should live in truth.

American society bombards us with thousands of interruptions each day, including marketing, that give us very short attention spans and make it hard to concentrate, focus, and be still. When we don’t hear God’s voice, we can make decisions on our own and move too fast. People tend to be uncomfortable with silence and solitude.

Even the church can be a distraction. People confuse doing the work of the church with doing the work of God, who called them.  At that point, the pastor of the church can become their god.

Your calling is your purpose, and it may not be just one thing; it can change depending on the season of life you are in.

Christians don’t need to be in a pulpit at the church as a platform to minister the Good News about Jesus Christ.  You don’t have to have a special title such as pastor, deacon, elder, etc.  You can “minister” and serve in any position, wherever you go (store, workplace, etc.).

Reality Check

There is a cost when you decide to accept your calling. You may have to sacrifice your time, old friends, and things you used to do when you decide to live out your purpose.  The people who you thought were your closest family members and friends may not understand what you are doing—some may even reject you and stop talking to you.  Sometimes people will get jealous and won’t give you their support because they are stuck on the way you used to be or what you used to do.

The greater the calling and territory you cover, the more well-known you become, and the higher levels you reach, the greater the rejection, criticism you will face.  Are you really ready for what it’s going to cost you to get to where God wants you to go? Are you willing to make the sacrifices that will be necessary? It is lonely at the top.

Check your motivation—is it popularity, purpose or profit? If you focus on the wrong one, you won’t get the other two. So don’t confuse popularity and purpose.

When you have a setback, when you experience a tragedy, and even when you just don’t feel like it, you still have to do your calling.

“In my moment of silence, what God told me is, ‘Jonathan, there are going to be people along this journey of life, for the things that I have called you to do, people are not going to like you, they are not going to support you, but what you have to remember is that I am always with you and I have always been with you... I am going to provide and I am going to sustain you…’ So through everything that has happened, I had to learn to fully rely and depend on God.” – Jonathan Wesley

There is also power in the cost of the call.

Just like Jesus’ crucifixion, you are going to have people who want to kill you off just for being authentically who you are.  Will you allow living in your truth take you to Calvary? In other words, are you willing to die or to be used as a sacrifice for people to see, so that others behind you can live?

What You Can Do



Seek the clarity of God when you’re unsure how to discern between the voices that come up in your mind.  Be willing to settle down and quiet yourself long enough to get the answer.  That could mean turning off your cell phone or other technology, so you can be alone for a while.  Sometimes you have to ignore people! Press ignore on your phone if you have to.

If you find yourself being distracted often, and unsure of your purpose, ask yourself: “Who or what has caused me to lose focus or lose sight of what God has called me to do?”

To begin to discern what your calling may be, ask yourself: What am I passionate about? What do I love to do all the time, and would do without getting paid for it?  What do I do that doesn’t feel like work (even though it is)?

Be observant when you are around people to recognize if someone needs a listening ear or someone to talk to about their problems or frustrations.  Don’t be afraid to empathize with them, and get vulnerable enough to share your own story or testimony if you think it will help the person with their situation.

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Jonathan Wesley, Visionary, Public Speaker, Author, Minister, Social Advocate, Teacher and Mentor




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