Be the Star of Your Show with Taiia Smart Young

In This Episode…

  • How to choose your own path or “adventure”

  • Why you should have a list of Bragging Rights (and not be shy about them)

  • The “Fave Five” mentors you need in order to succeed

  • How to be the Star of your show

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Key Points

You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. You can choose your own adventure even if it’s not popular or others think you can’t.  Don’t be afraid to go outside the boundaries or limits others may try to place on you.

You can go from a shy girl to a “Shine girl.” Remember how fly you are. Fly does not mean flashy.

Social media is the highlight reel—it’s not the movie.

Being “famous” and the star of your show is not about how many likes and retweets you receive on social media. It’s about knowing yourself, your talents and where you need to develop yourself.

What You Can Do



Instead of focusing on the ways you have messed up, think about your accomplishments. “I killed it when….” and create a list of Bragging Rights.

Don’t limit your creativity or innovation. Everything does not have to be done in the traditional way. You can break the rules like Netflix (streaming media content) or Beyonce (releasing an album without formally promoting it) as long as you are strategic and purposeful.

Get used to hearing the word “No” to your requests or ideas so that it doesn’t hurt your feelings or cause you to have a “mantrum.”

You need different kinds of mentors, such as a visionary, and a social butterfly—people who may share some of your strengths, but have some that you can learn from. People who can see your gifts, your potential and your greatness—things you may not see about yourself.  Taiia calls them the “Fave Five,” but you can have more than five mentors—that’s just a start.

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Taiia (Tee-Eye-Yah)) Smart Young, Author, Writer, Speaker and Founder & Director of Content for Smart Girl Media




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Regarding the discussion on choosing your own adventure, Daree and Taiia referred to the ballerina Misty Copeland, who was featured on the cover of Essence magazine for the September 2015 issue.