Winter Hiatus and Thank You


Looking for a new episode of Kickin' it with Daree? We're on a brief hiatus until the new year. Here are a few things to do in the meantime:


  1. Check out the special podcast collection I was recently featured in, called #ThanksPodcasting. If you've ever wanted to know how to podcast or considered doing one yourself, these 64 episodes will give you a taste--and none of them are over 10 minutes long. Episode 13 is all me!
  2. If you've missed one of the previous 21 episodes of KIWD, take a listen and share them with your friends and colleagues who are interested in personal development.
  3. Tell me what topics you want me to highlight next season! Reach out in the comments below, on social media (I am @DareeAllen everywhere), or send an email to KickinitwithDaree (AT) DareeAllen (DOT) com with your comments and topic suggestions.

A BIG thanks to you for helping me launch the podcast, and for listening, downloading and sharing it with others. Enjoy the holidays, and join me in January 2016 for all new episodes!