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Who would you be if you had no doubts holding you back? Discover how to challenge your negative thoughts and build each day for success in this podcast episode with Coach Olivia Charlet. Learn how to tap into the version of you with insane levels of conviction who can do ANYTHING.

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Key Points

Our beliefs impact our thoughts, which lead to our words and then our actions.

The words we speak are powerful. Your words reinforce your beliefs, whether you speak words of encouragement or words of discouragement.

It's hard to be what you can't see.

How would you be different if you had ___________ that you've been wanting? Would you be more confident? Excited? Relaxed? Freer? What would you believe about life? About yourself?

What You Can Do

Look at the people around you and think about where they will be five years from now. If that's not what you want for yourself, you need to shift your friends, mentors and associates and find new people that will bring success, who have similar goals and values into your life.

Challenge your thoughts! It doesn't matter what people say you're not good at. Sometimes it helps to look for the root of your limiting beliefs and negative thoughts about yourself. Who used to say that to you? Why? What evidence do you have that it's true, or that it's NOT true? Where's the proof? And then challenge that belief as an opinion and not a fact.

You don't have to meditate on every thought that comes into your head. You can reject your thoughts instead of wallowing in them. Don't settle for the idea of "this is just the way it is."

Train your mind to think positive thoughts on a regular basis. Practice saying the opposite of what you usually say when you are frustrated or tempted to complain.

Let people help you with bad habits that you don't notice. Give them permission to "check" you when you berate yourself out loud, e.g. "Oh I'm so stupid."

It can be hard to keep track of your thoughts because we think so much more, and so much faster than we talk. Journaling is a way to record your thoughts and feelings so you can explore and change your limiting beliefs. Writing down your thoughts helps you process them.

Try this for 30 days. Ask yourself:

  1. What do I want?

  2. Who would I be if I have what I want? (Get specific with details and how it feels to have what you want.)

  3. What would I believe about love, relationships, the world, myself?

  4. If I chose to believe this is true [that you have what you wanted], what action would I take to accelerate those results?

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