This is Where You Belong: Finding Home Wherever You Are with Melody Warnick


In This Episode…

  • Place attachment (3:40 and 12:50)

  • There is no geographic cure (4:58)

  • Being rooted, feeling stuck, or being mobile (10:56)

  • Why Americans are less neighborly these days, and how to change that (14:45)

  • How the ‘1-Mile Solution’” can help you get connected in your community (24:30)

  • The top 3 factors that are most influential in creating place attachment (27:55)

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Key Points

People with place attachment, have friends, know their neighbors, and volunteer are happier and feel more rooted in their communities. They also tend to live longer.

Americans are not as neighborly as they were in decades past.

Almost a third of Americans don’t know any of their neighbors by name, and yet many studies show the value of neighborhood relationships, including the fact that when you are friends with your neighbors, you’re 67 percent less likely to have a heart attack and 48 percent less likely to have a stroke. 

According to the Knight Soul of the Community study, the three factors that are most influential in creating place attachment are social offerings, aesthetics, and openness (friendly, welcoming and inclusive).  

The higher the level of place attachment in a town, the better the town's economy.  This is how our towns can tell if we love them!

What You Can Do

To meet your neighbors, you don't have to bring over dessert if that's not your thing. You can just do things in the front of your home that will allow you to be seen and accessible to have interactions with them.

Try the ‘1-Mile Solution’” by replacing one car trip per week with a biking or walking errand instead, and you will see so many things that you normally don't observe when driving or riding in a car. It can help connect you to the area where you live or work. 

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Sep 28 - National Good Neighbor Day

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