Doing What's Right- Not What's Easy



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Sometimes we have to face things and make decisions that are hard-- and even put them off because of the negative emotions that ensue. But if we ignore the situations involved, nothing will improve.

Confrontation is not easy. Standing up for yourself is not easy. Enforcing your boundaries is not easy.

Let go of things that are not right. Whether it's a relationship, or a job.

1- Question it. Ask yourself, what happens if I do nothing? Do not brush off nagging feeling that something is not right.

2- Confront it. Sometimes confrontation is unpleasant, but if you've got to put someone in check so be it. Stand up for yourself.  Listen to what the other person has to say but Do not allow them to make you feel bad because you want to know the truth. Do not let others make you feel obligated to stay stuck in a relationship where situation that drains you more than it blesses you, especially when it affects your well-being or the well-being of your children.