Everyone Can, But Not Everyone Will: What is Your Why? with Mel Jones


In This Episode…

  • How to transfer the feeling of motivation into action?

  • The secret to STAYING motivated when obstacles come?

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Key Points

Motivation is not only real but it is the basis of all actions taken by any living organism. Motivation is merely the reasoning behind why anybody does anything.People who have reached success all have a mentality that includes confidence, competence, and they engage in the preparation that builds their confidence and competence.

A [disciplined] life is something everyone needs, but something will do:

“Some are not willing to make the sacrifice [of foregoing social events for the sake of bettering themselves]. To me it's doesn't even feel like a sacrifice. I'm investing. It just feels like I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing.”  – Mel Jones

Without action and real motivation there is absolutely zero value in resolutions, but journaling, goal tracking, and vision boards may inspire you to eventually put in the necessary action eventually.The only way to avoid regret is to accept that you can't avoid it. Either you will regret not doing it or you will regret that you failed at trying. The real question is which regret will bring you closer to finding the answer to your success?

What You Can Do

“Learn to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Force yourself to stay disciplined to do things you don't  feel like doing, because that builds character.”  – Mel Jones

Nobody enjoys the struggles that come with these changes.  It starts in the mind.  Train your mind and embed your reason why you have your goal, study and instill the concepts and skills you need to achieve it, daily.  Become fixated on it.

You may have to do something over and over for a long time before you see the results you're after. Continue to be consistent and repetive in completing the tasks (practicing, studying, etc.) to hone your craft.

You can maintain motivation most effectively by constantly reading motivational content, listening to motivational speakers, acquiring new skills, and revisiting your biggest WHY for doing it.

When you hit an obstacle you should double down on your reading and audio absorption. You are going to need those special set of words and pieces of information to get you through to the other side with moment still at your advantage.

Not only is it important for you to believe that you can do it, but you need supporters that also believe in you and your ability.

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