Too Proud to Beg?: Accepting the Apology You Never Got

In This Episode…

  • How to recognize the language of apology you expect and respond to best

  • How to effectively confront someone who has offended you

  • How to recognize when you have not done your own work

  • How to let go and move on after the offense, even if the offender does not apologize

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Key Points

Our perspectives color how we look at situations. Examine whether your perspective and expectations are reasonable in this situation.

Pride prevents healing.

Some of the things we get upset about are not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

For things to get better on the outside, you have to do some work on the inside (inner work).

In order for our relationships to get better, the “Yous” and “Us” have to get better.

Is the apology the most important thing to you? An apology does not make any real difference if the person’s heart has not changed. Focus instead on restoring the relationship (or getting closure) instead of a verbal apology.

What You Can Do

Communicate your hurt directly to the person you felt has offended you. Approach them without “loud” emotion or they may become defensive instead of receptive. This will undermine the chance of restoration and resolution of the original source of conflict.

Consider the other person’s perspective. Put yourself in his or her shoes.

Pray and do some introspective reflection. Is there anything within you that needs healing and makes you extra sensitive in this situation?

If this person is a repeat offender, minimize or eliminate your interaction with him or her.

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The Five Languages of Apology by Dr. Gary Chapman