Building Up Boys and Men of Color with Brandon Frame


In This Episode…

  • Supporting Black boys in our community

  • How women can help build men up

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Key Points

The Black Man Can, Inc. is an oasis of resources for both African American and global communities. In just 7 years the organization has gained an international following and endeavors to change and promote a positive narrative of black lives. Comprised of a network of over 200 MENtors to uplift, educate, and inspire young men of color, they have impacted 3,500 young men and counting.

Mental health is important. If you want to support your man, know that it's ok to pray and see a therapist at the same time.

What You Can Do

Encourage the man in your life. Let him know that he doesn't have to be perfect; he just has to commit to getting better, and become consistent.

Encourage the good, no matter how small. Two big things that drive men are ego and pride. Think of how you can best address a man that allows his ego and pride to operate from a place of love, and not from selfishness. 

Be sure that you are not neglecting roles in your family structure.  For example, if you're a good mother and attentive to your children, don't forget to be a good wife, and be attentive to your husband, too. You don't want to neglect your partner for the sake of your children or vice versa.

Communication works when you are able to vulnerable and comfortable enough to let your partner know what you need from them.

Connect with My Guest

Brandon Frame, Founder and CVO at The Black Man Can Institute, Social Innovator Website





Links and Resources

Help The Black Man Can Institute reach their fundraising goal: 5,000 donations of $25, which will give 5,000 boys access to their mentoring programs.   

Note: 100% of the proceeds go directly into funding their programs and initiatives.    

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