Looking Good From the Inside Out with Catherine Storing

In This Episode…

  • What to do when you feel like (or are told that) who you are is not good enough

  • Why you should pay attention to what you look like on the inside, not just on the outside

  • How having the right attitude and living in your purpose will help improve your status (not comparing your status to someone else’s)

  • Where your confidence comes from, and the difference between confidence and bragging/boasting

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Key Points

We sometimes look at a person’s outward appearance and assume that she doesn’t have any problems—or at least not like mine.



It’s important that you look good on the inside, not just the outside. Are you concentrating on your outward appearance at the expense of your inner woman (your emotions, your hurts, your unresolved issues)? Are your interactions with others positive and pleasant? Is your self-esteem high or low? If you don’t take care of your inward issues, your style of dress doesn’t matter. If your inner woman is whole, then there’s a light inside that shines outward and others can see it regardless of your physical appearance (pretty, ugly, etc.)

There may always be someone who makes a comment or is critical regardless of your size or features—but it the only opinion that matters is the one that YOU believe. You may not even realize that there is someone who wishes she had your features.

You may not like the way your arms or legs look, but if you have your body parts and they work, that’s a blessing!

What You Can Do

The things you can do really well—your talents and gifts—are often easy to dismiss, take for granted, or discount as being not that big of a deal. But you can use your talents to help and bless others. The experiences you lived through give you the sensitivity to recognize it in others.

When you’re doing what you love, and in line with your life’s purpose, you radiate and look healthier. Your skin is nicer, and you may get mistaken for being younger than you are. :)

Telling others about your expertise is confidence—it’s not being cocky, and it’s not bragging (in a negative sense). Do you want the gig? Then you must not shy away from how good you are!

If you are looking at someone who is more experienced than you in your field or industry, and comparing yourself in a self-defeating way, you have stunted your own progress. Instead, think of ways to emulate certain ideas, tips or techniques about that person that you admire. You can even ask them how they do it. It’s a high compliment when you ask for their techniques.

Don't be intimidated by others' success. The people that are meant for you to serve are for YOU. Only YOU can get through to them, even if others are doing similar work.

Be available. Don’t say that you can’t. If you want to write, then write. If you want to style people, then style people. If you want to speak, then start speaking. If you want to coach, then coach. To become good at something, you must do it over and over until it becomes second nature to you.

Dress to impress, and impress yourself first. First impressions matter, and you’ve only got about 10 seconds to make that first impression. If you’re good at what you do, but you don’t dress to impress, it kills your credibility before you open your mouth.

Dress the part until you FEEL the part.

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