Escaping The Strong Woman Trap with Sasha Mobley

Photo by Erika Wittlieb

Photo by Erika Wittlieb

In This Episode…

  • Changing your mindset (what you have to do vs. what you want to do)
  • What reality TV is teaching our kids and how it plays out in friendships and relationships
  • Building community
  • Women supporting one another 

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Key Points

When we absorb everyone's emotions and take on more than we should, we have fallen into the strong woman trap.

It's easy as women to tear each other down if we don't feel good about ourselves or lack self-confidence.

Take it from Wonder Woman: It's not about what you think you deserve-- it's about what you believe. 

The negativity of backbiting and other destructive behaviors are part of regular programming on reality TV shows, which we must reject, even though it is now the norm.

Being strong does not mean you suffer in silence, or take as much as you can before you give up or become worn out. Being strong is when you stand up for what is right, and adhere to your values.

It's hard to be what you can't see. We don't have role models for everything we envision for ourselves. Sometimes we have to blaze our own trail. 


What You Can Do

We have to start saying No to some of these culturally mandated things that we saw our mothers and grandmothers doing, so we don't kill ourselves by doing too much.

Join a community or help build one. Not just being strong yourself, but learn to give AND receive strength in a way that is collaborative and supportive.  You don't have to SO competitive with other women.

Look at all your responsibilities. Which ones are you doing simply because you're expected to--but you don't want to?  Relieve yourself from extra things that drain you if you can.  If not, find ways to get the help you need.

Find a community for the support you need.

Dream hard! Think bigger. Challenge yourself to take steps toward the goals you want to achieve. Bring the closest people to you into that dream to broaden it.


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