Stop Helping Everyone!



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Daree reads an article that reminds us of how we can decrease overwhelm by setting boundaries and eliminating the guilt others  try to place on us.

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Key Points

Sometimes what some people call "giving" or "helping" is really "enabling" and it drains you.  And if you give too much of yourself to everyone else, what do you have left?  We have to learn how to minimize or let go of those toxic relationships, because they will kill your spirit if you let them. I talked about this at length in my show with Samantha Gregory, No More Crumbs

For those of you who find yourself on 30 different committees, you need to re-assess why you have so many commitments and which ones are truly necessary.  I talked about this more with Jonathan Wesley in the episode What is Your Calling?

What You Can Do

Assess which commitments you can let go of or pull back from. What's the worst thing that can happen if you set some boundaries and affirm yourself to decline some things presented to you? You can always say, "No, I won't be able to do that" and let that be the end of it--you don't have to give any further explanation.  As Latasha Matthews said in the Get Out of the Dump episode, No is a complete sentence. And if a person does not choose to get with the program and respect your boundaries, let them go. You want to weed out the folks that try to pull you down.

Trying to help everyone will just exhaust you and cause resentment. So strengthen your backbone and your self-esteem, and learn how to just say no!

Links and Resources

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