Rx for Turning Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones


In This Episode…

  • Why inner peace is missing in our lives (6:00)

  • The importance of dealing with disappointments we haven't shared with others (7:00)

  • How avoidance (not dealing with an issue) creates fear, anxiety and loss of energy (11:03)

  • How to practice active gratitude (22:17)

  • 5 steps to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones (26:32)

Key Points

The definition of peace is wholeness and completeness, with nothing missing and nothing broken.

Every goal, and every problem we have falls into at least 1 of 3 categories:

  • health

  • wealth

  • relationships

When you achieve balance in these categories, you have peace.  If you obsess, worry or avoid something in one category, you neglect the others.

Whether you are on top of the world or it is on top of you, you can still have peace every day. Developing a relationship with yourself is the foundation of that peace.

Passivity gets you nowhere. In essence, when you are passive and do nothing, you are giving up your power.  It also creates a "fear pocket" because we have not dealt with the issue.

Faith is an action word.  You believe, AND you do something in response to that belief.

Dr. Dravon James

Dr. Dravon James

When you focus on the past you have a lot of depression.  When you focus too much on the future you have a lot of anxiety.  We must strive to live in the present.

What You Can Do

Instead of being externally focused and letting circumstances determine your emotional state, take the time to get to know yourself.

When you are disappointed about something that has happened, suppressing your feelings about it is not the answer.  Acknowledge the situation as it appears.  Be truthful with yourself about how you feel and don't judge yourself about it.  Write about it.  Doing this calms down your nerves, reduces cortisol levels and creativity can increase because you're less blocked by the clutter of those negative emotions.

To learn and train yourself to stay in the present, practice active gratitude.  This creates positive energy and helps release endorphins that make you feel good.

5 steps to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones:

  1. Kind acceptance of yourself as you are, right now.

  2. Finding gratitude in the eye of the storm.

  3. Forgiveness - starting with yourself.

  4. Set your intention.

  5. Walk in your purpose.

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