STEP it UP: How to Pursue Your Passion and Live Life on Purpose



In This Episode…

  • Kizzymat talks about how she discovered her purpose

  • The question you should ask yourself when you’re in a tough situation (it’s not “Why me?”)

  • How to STEP UP and take control of your life so you can live life with passion, on purpose

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    Key Points

    Instead of asking “Why me?” when you experience a setback or tragedy, ask how you can become a better person or what you need to learn from the experience that can help others.What kinds of things come natural to you? Once you figure out your passions and combine them with your talents, you can thrive in your life and career.

    Whatever you do [for work], you should love it! You have to be intentional about creating a life that you love.

    It’s rewarding and empowering to help others and give advice when you have overcome the same problem they are currently facing.

    You are not an island. You are not the only one dealing with hardships like yours. You are not alone.

    What You Can Do

    If you really feel in your heart that you want to make a life change, don’t wait for your mentor, best friend or a family member to like or co-sign your idea or decision. No one else can make the decisions that will cause you to live a life that brings you joy and fulfillment. Stop waiting on others’ validation and validate yourself.

    If you join a group or attend a retreat—even just having lunch with friends may reveal that you can help them with their problems even if you’re experiencing challenges for which you are seeking help.

    Don’t let doubt or fear stop you from pursuing your dreams. Many others can be in the same profession as you, but you are unique and meant to help specific people in life in a way that only YOU can. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

    STEP UP:

  • Self-improvement – clear the physical and mental clutter that is blocking you from success

  • Team – build your village with supportive people o Empowerment – take control of your own life

  • Permission to “LIVE” – give yourself the permission to live life on your terms

  • Unleashing the “POWER” from within and, a

  • Plan to reignite and redefine your life.

    Reach out to someone today:

  • call someone you haven't talked to in a while just to say Hey, I love you, or I was just thinking about you

  • visit someone you haven't seen in minute

  • send a card to someone who's going through a rough patch

  • forgive someone even if you don't think they deserve it

  • take the first step to doing something you dread but have been putting off

  • pray for discernment and direction

  • let go of a long-standing offense

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    Kizmat Tention, Certified Professional Life Coach






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