Situational Introverts with Scott Spackey


In This Episode…

  • How and when our personalities are shaped as related to being intro/extroverted

  • Why we sometimes mistake an introvert as an extrovert

  • How extroverts and introverts can be more tolerant and sensitive to each other's needs

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This interview is with Scott Spackey only; the show notes below include additional commentary from contributor Dr. Linda Henman., The Decision Catalyst™, assessment psychologist, and the author of Challenge the Ordinary.

Key Points

Scott: Our culture and society is more accepting of extroversion as being more normal, and that there is something wrong with introverts for being the way they are. 

Linda: Often extroverts consider themselves superior to introverts, even though they often suffer from a need to have approval and find time alone distressing. Understanding that people vary in personality is no different from educating people that we differ in other ways too.

Scott: We can fluctuate between being more intro- or extroverted at any time. What causes dysfunction is when we are not accepting of another's tendency to be one or the other, or to not accept who you are.

Linda: Extroverts project. They assume that because they wouldn't enjoy so much time alone that others must have something wrong with them if they end up alone.

What You Can Do

Linda: Introversion and extroversion do exist on a continuum. We aren't one or the other, and circumstances can affect whether we prefer solitude to socializing. There's no right or wrong , except to respect how you are and what you feel and to extend others the same consideration. Let's not be so judgmental of each other; it's a matter of where you get your energy, which is not right or wrong either way.

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