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In This Episode…

  • Ways to incorporate more optimism into your daily life

  • The S.H.I.N.E. Methodology

  • The virtue of taking the time to get quiet and be still

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Key Points

How to get your S.H.I.N.E. on:

Self-Assessment: Are there parts of your personality that you need to adjust? Where can you improve?

Habit: It takes 90 days—not 21—to make a new habit. Act Now and create new habits and routines so optimism becomes second nature.

Integrity: Do you make good choices? Does what you say match and align with who you really are?

Next Right Step:  We fall into a sense of complacency unless we set measurable goals with deadlines. What changes can you make today to improve your physical and emotional health?

Energy: Thinking positive thoughts will improve your energy level and health.

What You Can Do

Don’t settle for “lizard brain” thinking. We have the ability to think through situations and choose a positive approach. Acknowledge the challenges you face and then use your creativity (we all have it on some level) to come up with strategies or find resources to help you overcome those challenges.

You want to be the person who brings positive energy—not toxic energy, wherever you go.

Centering prayer or meditation is a way you can get “still” and calm your energy to decrease stress.

Asking for help or seeking the services of a therapist does not make you weak, it means you are strong.

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Links and Resources

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