No, You're Not a Screw Up!

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Are you a perfectionist? Do you beat yourself up for the simplest of mistakes?  All of us have asked ourselves at one time or another, why did I do that?  But hear me-- you are NOT a screw-up.

Yeah sure, maybe you got a speeding ticket, or you said something unkind to a friend, or you promised to go to an event and flaked at last minute, even if it wasn't intentional. Maybe you posted something insensitive or ignorant on social media.  Maybe you slept with an ex- who you KNOW was just using you.  Whatever it is, we start thinking about it, and that nagging voice inside our heads starts going 100 miles an hour, and the berating begins.

Even when you give  100%, sometimes things just don't work out. But why feel badly if you did your best? 

We are conditioned to think that the outcome is the only thing that matters. But what you really need to focus on is the process and the experience gained along the way. This is the same reason we focus only on the finish and forget to enjoy the journey.

Don't judge yourself by how well you do, but by how well you get up after failure. You can’t give up.

What we remember in the end, about another person's struggle is their will to keep pushing, their determination, and their courage to be okay with not being perfect-- so long as your mistakes help you grow. 

How can you flip the script on something negative or disappointing you did recently, and see the good that has come from that mistake?  Let me know via social media (@DareeAllen everywhere) or send an email to Kickinit @

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