Rewriting Your Story and Letting Go of What Holds You Back with Cledra Gross

Have you ever been at a point in your life where you thought you should have accomplished more than you have?  My guest calls it S.H.A.M.E. – “Should Have Already Mastered Everything” syndrome.

In This Episode…

  • How to get unstuck when it seems that life is holding you back

  • How to drop the weights of depression, ego and low self-esteem

  • How to create your Plan BE when your dreams seem to have no hope of coming true

  • A different way to look at the act of letting go

Key Points

When you're hurting, it’s not that you don’t know you should make healthy choices or engage in healthy behavior—you have a coping problem that you need to address. How do you cope when you are in severe pain? Does that behavior lead to self-sabotage? Sometimes you only have enough light for the step that’s in front of you.

“I was not only sick of the physical weight; I was tired of forcing God’s agenda onto my life... I was humbled to have to accept that this strategically planned, mapped-out life that I had created was not what God had in mind for me.” – Cledra Gross

Every minute of self-loathing was a moment away from God’s voice.  When dropping the weight with exercise, exercise is never optional because it helps you hear from God to help you make decisions you will face during the day.


What You Can Do

The act of letting go is not necessarily a one-time event. Letting go is a lifestyle. 

Identify your triggers. You have to be ready when those triggers come back, so pay attention to how you feel. Ask yourself these two questions:

  1. Where am I? (You could be in your business, God’s business, or someone else’s. Anytime you’re feeling frustrated or overwhelmed, you have veered off into a territory that is none of your business.)

  2. Where am I going (past/present/future)?

When you realize that the dream you had for your life is not going to happen in the way you had hoped, ask yourself: How can I still get what I wanted from the dream? Think about why you wanted it. What was the appeal or benefit you would have gained if that dream was realized? Then find another way to get that need or desire met.  Lift your eyes up to what is still possible.

We don’t have grace for yesterday or grace for tomorrow. Grace is for now.

Don’t worry about you think you have lost. You are not behind because your life didn’t turn out the way you thought it would in your planned timeframe.  You should be feel any S.H.A.M.E. about it.

It’s an insult to compare yourself to anyone.

There are no coincidences. You were made the way you are on purpose, and there is something being created in you as a result of those things that happened to you. Know that, rest in that, and then start looking for the possibilities on the other side of your pain. It’s a story that you can rewrite that will blow your mind! What is your Plan BE?

You have an amazing chapter left in your story—get excited about it!

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