Pulling a Kerry Washington on 'Em: An Open Letter

Pulled a Kerry on Em

Pulled a Kerry on Em

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Key Points

Kerry Washington is famous for not discussing the personal details of her life--including the marriage to her current husband, and her following pregnancies.  Here are some things I want to point out, now that I have pulled a "Kerry Washington" myself:

1. The decision of whether to, when and how to wed is solely up to the two parties involved. This includes invitations without obligations.

2. "You could have/should have told me." I wasn't trying to keep a secret--I simply didn't publicize our engagement or nuptial details in advance! And that was our prerogative.

3. When it comes to people, there are NO guarantees. Just within the last 6 months, I've lost 2 of my best friends (they are alive and well) without warning. And men who claim to love you but want you to wait YEARS to get themselves together first? Beyonce already told you how to treat single ladies.

4. "Are you happy?" -  Actually, the question you should ask yourself is if you are happy for me.

5. Timing and wisdom may not be applied universally. Many would advise that a couple waits at least 6 months to a year of dating before marriage. But although that advice is wise, it's not universal... You can't apply it to every couple and situation.