I Can Do That, Too: The Practice of Self-Discipline with Cornelius Simon

In This Episode…

  • Discover how to conqueror procrastination and overcome anxiety

  • Learn how to better manage distractions and interruptions

  • Gain more confidence in completing tasks and accomplishing goals

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Key Points

Self-discipline is the ability to carry out your decisions and plans in spite of hardships and inconveniences.

What you experience after consistent discipline and sacrifice to achieve your goal will far outweigh your feelings if you just give in to experience instant gratification.

There's a high that comes from achieving success and if self-discipline got you there in one area, chances are you will want to repeat that to get success in another.

You’re lacking self-discipline if you have ever seen someone accomplish something, then felt jealous and thought that you could do the same thing.

Exercising self-discipline can result in creating positive new habits, boosting your productivity, and increase your self-confidence.

Saying no to things now means you're saying yes to something greater later-- whatever your goal is. Going to bed on time... limiting social media time... restricting certain types of foods, etc.

How much is it worth to you?

You can have the pain of self-discipline now, or the pain of regret later-- tell me which one will last longer.

What You Can Do

Don't look at self-discipline as a set of restrictions you must live by. Instead, frame it in your mind as what you will gain-- the end result of your discipline.

Use structure. Structure facilitates success when it comes to achieving goals.  

Condition your mind by creating routines and habits that will set you up for success.

Ask yourself why? What is your reason for achieving this goal? Your "why" should motivate you if you get frustrated.

Get a coach, mentor, or someone who will hold you accountable for following through with the things you say you want to accomplish.  If possible, choose someone with a different personality than you.

10 ways to develop self-discipline:

  1. Have specific goals in mind.

  2. Identify ways that you spend your time that get in the way of your goals.

  3. Do more of the things that you want to become disciplined in, to form that habit.

  4. Incorporate daily meditation into your routine.

  5. Create a list of the top 5-10 things you want to accomplish, and then schedule the tasks associated with them.

  6. Measure your behavior and progress toward your goal.

  7. Get organized. Use your notebook or app with the list from #5.

  8. Manage distractions and interruptions.

  9. Be consistent.

  10. Be persistent.

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Cornelius Simon, Motivational Speaker, Life Success Coach, and Corporate Trainer





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The Dream Experience Course is a mult-step course to help you turn your dreams into reality by stepping through a process of moving dreams "mental images" into a projected state of achievement.

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