Cultivating 10 Traits of Personal Power

10 Traits of Personal Power - IG.jpg

In this episode, I cover 10 traits of personal power that you can use to enhance your life.  They all work together, but something in my message should resonate with you as a trait you can work on to enhance your personal strength and empower yourself.


  1. The power of Thought (2:30) - Your thoughts set the tone for everything you do.

  2. The power of Respect (4:26) - You can dislike a person but still respect their position.  When you learn to make this distinction, you empower yourself.

  3. The power of Giving (6:37) - It's about more than just money.  In many cases, random acts of kindness (RAKs), and the giving of your time and talents goes a lot further than a monetary donation.  Don't start any type of relationship just thinking about what you can get from that person.  Give something of value before you ask for anything.

  4. The power of Friendship (9:36)

  5. The power of Touch (11:41)

  6. The power of Letting Go (15:57)

  7. The power of Communication (19:36)

  8. The power of Commitment (25:43)

  9. The power of Passion (29:24)

  10. The power of Trust (32:05)