What is YOUR Personal Mission? with Michal Stawicki

In This Episode…

  • The five most common regrets of dying people

  • How having a personal mission statement can benefit you

  • How to create your personal mission statement

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Key Points

A personal mission statement helps with the vision for your life, like a compass.  It helps you to be more focused and intentional about how you live your life. For Michal, creating his personal mission statement helped him personally lose weight and get healthy, as well as achieving goals.

Michal had no former writing experience, but he put a sentence in his personal mission statement that said: “I am becoming a writer.” He went on to write 15 books which have sold over 25,000 copies. He didn’t know he could do it when he first wrote those words.

What You Can Do

Your mission statement must be personal, it must be from the heart. You should look at it every day.

Michal used parts of the Bible for the mission statement. You can use pictures and sounds if you want, not just words.

He also imagined his funeral and what others would say about his life.

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 More about personal mission statements – (Meiyoko Taylor interview)

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