Getting Out of the Panic Room with Gina Ryan


In This Episode…

  • Why you MUST label your issue

  • How mindful breathing and meditation help patch the places where you are leaking energy

  • Why a high fat low carb diet can be helpful tool in calming our body and reducing panic attacks

  • How to find activities to release stress

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Key Points

Many suffer from stress, anxiety and panic based on things that aren’t real.

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

Stress is cumulative. It’s often the straw that breaks the camel’s back—not a big event.

By stringing one good day after another like pearls, knowing that if I had one good day I could continue, and eventually, because I had such faith that I was not broken, and that I could recondition my nervous system, I could get to a point where I really felt like I was on top of life again… and that’s what I did.”

– Gina Ryan, on curing her own chronic anxiety and panic attacks

What You Can Do

You must find the language to admit and utter out loud what problem you are having, because you cannot conquer what you can't confront.

Gina said that what helped her was when she practiced breathing and meditation, and gave up foods that worked against her. You can recondition your brain with proper breathing and meditation techniques. It helps patch the places where you are leaking energy.

Eating fat nourishes your brain and calms your nervous system. Refrain from caffeine and added sugars, especially in drinks. Ingesting caffeine adds extra stress to your body.

Experiment with recipes by changing one ingredient that will improve your nutrition (for example, Daree substituted almond flour instead of regular flour to coating meat before baking, and using erythritol instead of table sugar when making sweet treats). Find something that works for YOU.

Move your body. Whether you dance, play tennis, do Zumba, or go for a walk, moving can help you work out your stress and release toxins in your muscles. Find something that makes you feel good when you're doing it, and that you'll look forward to. You can even find free workouts on YouTube.

Keep a journal like a gratitude journal. This turns on a different part of our brain and releases stress in your mind.

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