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If your best friend comes to you about a hard time they are having with something, your first response would be caring and compassionate. The advice you give in your language is most likely realistic and practical, but generous.

Do you treat yourself the same way? What do you say to yourself when you mess up? Are you your OWN best friend?

Dr. Kristina Hallett is a board-certified specialist in clinical psychology, professor, life coach, and author of the best-seller, "Own Best Friend." She explains how learning to let go of self-doubt and negative internal messages can help you become your own best friend, using her 8-step EMPOWERS process.

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Key Points

Reciting your failures and re-hashing your mistakes over and over again will not help you feel better or improve.

When you quickly, repeatedly downplay or brush off compliments from others, they can see that as being offensive.

Failure is always a success if you took an action to try something– you made an effort, and you probably learned something from it.

Celebrate little successes–even the simple things that you have accomplished–each day.

You are responsible for your own thoughts, feeling and actions, and we’re not responsible for anyone else’s. (27:11)

Happiness is a choice. (30:12)

You are fabulous all on your own, whether you have a significant other or not. That person can add to your “fabulosity,” but you by yourself are still amazing. Accept yourself.

The 8-step EMPOWERS process:

  • Enhance your energy (15:09)

  • Make extra time

  • Practice perspective (24:39) [Daree’s favorite part!]

  • Own your best self

  • Wake up your inner badass (33:20) [Kristina’s fave!]

  • Envision your inner purpose

  • Release the blocks and go for it

  • Shine your light brightly (45:26)

What You Can Do

Learn to let go of self-doubt and negative internal messages.

Ask for help when you need it. Say no if you need time to rest.

Take the “meta view” to shift your perspective and get more objectivity about your circumstances.

Don’t assume what others are thinking and feeling, or that they are out to get you and do something wrong to you. (27:30)

Learn to appreciate yourself as being perfectly imperfect.

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Dr. Kristina Hallett, Psychologist, Professor, Life Coach, Author






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Own Best Friend: Eight Steps to a Life of Purpose, Passion, and Ease by Dr. Kristina Hallett – BUY it here

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