Overcoming Creative Roadblocks with Liz Heron

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In This Episode…

  • Liz's story 7:54

  • Being a multi-hyphenate or multi-passionate entrepreneur 9:00

  • Finding the intersection of what you're good at with what you enjoy 10:02

  • Breaking through creative and mental roadblocks 14:14

  • Why shouldn't hold back on sharing your gifts with the world 27:00

  • Success is… 33:57

  • Closing advice

Key Points

  • Estate planning is necessary - do it before you think you need it.

  • We can easily get stuck between gaining knowledge and implementing it 17:08

  • Someone needs the thing that you have to say or share and they're waiting for you 27:04

  • There is purpose in your gift and questioning your abilities: Is anyone listening? Why am I doing this? But someone needs this information so we have to keep going and help that nameless person. Don't be selfish with your gift. And don't worry about anyone else who did the same thing-- they're not you!

  • What other people think of you is none of your business

  • You are enough, just as you are, right now.

What You Can Do

  • When you get overwhelmed, ask yourself: What is your why? Who do you serve? What is that one next step I need to do?

  • Joining a mastermind is invaluable for different perspectives and encouragement. When you feel supported in your work, it gives you more confidence.

Second-guessing your ideas or fearing rejection? Here's what to do:

  1. Brainstorm and write it all down.

  2. Record: what are your thoughts about this?

  3. Check in with your gut. How does this make you feel? Are you having any physical reactions?

  4. How do you usually act when you're feeling like this?

  5. How does this thought serve me? What are the results this thought gives me?

  6. Take a challenge and ask, How do I want to feel when I am doing this?

  7. Ask yourself, What do I have to believe in order to feel like that? What do you need to believe or think to lead you to confidence and ease?

  • It's important to think about what you're thinking about. We don't have to just go with the flow of whatever our mind is telling us at any moment -- especially if it's not true.

  • Journaling regularly will help release your mental stress.

  • Before you do something nerve-wracking, pump yourself up with your favorite song, makeup, or whatever will make you feel good.


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