The Message in the Bottle with Stephanie McAuliffe

In This Episode…

  • Breaking free of the shame and secrecy associated with living with an alcoholic.

  • Understanding the “why” behind some of what we do

  • Findingforgivenessfor ourselves and others.

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Key Points

  • The disease of alcoholism often runs in familiesand the effect can devastate multiple generations.When we don’t talk aboutwhat’s going on, we internalize the energy and it makes us sick.

  • We spend the majority of our time and energyfocused on the drinker and we often lose ourselves.

  • Acceptance doesn’t mean agreement.

  • Findforgivenessfor others doesn't mean that we are condoning what happened and reconciling.

  • Understandingwhypeople did what they did may help you let go of the judgment you have felt aboutwhatthey did. This will help free you from that negative energy.

What You Can Do

Girls and women need to be able to talk about the issues they face. There are things we do that our mothers and grandmothers did, and we don't know why, but it's ingrained in us. So it takes a conscious effort to change.

Even if the other person doesn't change, we can learn how to change how we react to them.

Do not continue to talk about people who have done you wrong in a critical way, because it keeps you in that negative energy you lived with when you were around them.

Have empathy for those who are struggling with something.

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Stephanie McAuliffe

, Author, Coach



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