Maybe Baby (Part 1): You Have the Right to Remain Childless



In This Episode…

In this episode, I interview Tangie Henry, RN, Certified Life Coach and Certified Personal Trainer, Founder, Inspired Sistah LLC and she gives her personal testimony about being childless by choice. We discuss:

  • How to respond to questions about your family planning/number of children

  • How to cope and grieve when you’ve lost your child (insensitive comments, if you still look pregnant, etc.)

  • How to manage others’ expectations—and your own

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Key Points

Motherhood is a blessing, but if you don’t have children, you can still lead a full, active lifestyle.  You can mother people in other ways.

Sometimes we are called to walk through circumstances now so that we can be an encouragement to others later.  This way of thinking shifts you out of the “Me” mindset so you can look at the big picture.

What You Can Do

If you have experienced a loss, allow yourself to go through the grieving process for however long it takes. Establish boundaries with others and don’t feel forced to interact with people on the phone or social media.

Join a support group so you can lean on others who are going through the same journey.

To help someone who you are sympathizing with, give them their space, but don’t let them drown.  DON’T say, “If there’s anything I can do…” or “I know how you feel.” Those statements are more damaging to the grieving person than they are helpful.  DO tell them that they are in your thoughts and your prayers.

“I had to come to the revelation that if I was going to fully, wholly, and completely live in my purpose, I need my temple.

The only temple I have to use is this one right here.” – Tangie Henry

If you do the inner work, the outside will manifest.

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