Make Up Your Mind: Just One Thing to Shift You Into a Success Mindset with Ty Cohen

In This Episode…

Use This

Use This

  • Overcoming your negative thoughts and adopting a ‘success mindset’

  • Taking the bold risk to change the direction and trajectory of your life

  • Staying encouraged when others don’t support your goals or vision

  • Making a major decision when you don't know all the details on how to accomplish it

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Key Points

When he was growing up, Ty Cohen had two major obstacles: living in the ghetto in Bridgeport, CT and living with a disease that almost took his life as a 12-year old, and then shortly after that prognosis, took his sister’s life.

At 17, Ty found a book by Les Brown in his father’s car, and two quotes changed his life: “There’s more greatness in you than what you believe,” and “Never let someone else’s opinion of you become your reality.” Sometimes we need just one thing to open our eyes and show us a different perspective, and that book opened his.

So many people don’t realize the choices that they have. Your mindset is everything.

When people don't see greatness for you- Theres no way I could do that

When people don't see greatness for you- Theres no way I could do that

What You Can Do

Be open to seeing, being or doing something differently.

Sometimes you have to make decisions about what we want to happen in our lives, and what we do and don’t want for our future, without knowing the “how”:

make decisions and say I don’t know how it’s going to happen

make decisions and say I don’t know how it’s going to happen

The “how” is none of your business, nor is it your responsibility.

Start with the end in mind, and work your way backwards. Reverse-engineer your steps to get to your goal.

Instead of focusing on what’s going wrong, we should focus on what’s NOT going to go wrong for us. Know what you DON’T want.

Don’t rationalize your fear of success just because your methods are not traditional, what everyone else is doing, or that you may face opposition and criticism—especially in business. If you really have an idea that you want to run with, take that risk—even if your closest friend or loved one doesn’t understand it or doesn’t support you. They may not see your vision because they don’t have a vision for themselves. Don’t let their insecurities and self-doubt affect you or INFECT you.

You get momentum when you are persistent and consistent. Your circumstances don’t determine your trajectory.

Change your expectations! Don’t expect the worst. In the morning you can set your expectations for a good day with prayer, meditation or goal-setting.

Success leaves clues. Find someone that is successful and model yourself after that.

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