Training for Love Greatness with Daniel Packard

In This Episode…

  • How to dismantle the lie of not being _________ enough to be loved

  • How to reframe rejection

  • How you can use principles of self-love to enhance all areas of life (not just romance)

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Key Points

Your future mate is out there if you believe that you're a 10 [on a scale of 10]. If you learned something different about yourself, you can unlearn it.

"Part of not loving yourself for your imperfections is like telling God, 'You messed up [when you made me]!' " - Daniel Packard, Trainer of Love Athletes

We subsciously tell ourselves that we are not enough over and over again. But from a science perspective, you do not have to change an external thing like your weight, your skin, etc. to make yourself more lovable. If you want attention, then you may need to drop weight or get plastic surgery. But are you looking for attention or are you looking for love?

If you have fear of rejection or being hurt, be aware that what causes the hurt is the meaning we ascribe to it. Especially if the meaning you deduce from someone's action is that you are not enough to be loved. It's a lie.

All females are not feminine. Women have the gift of being feminine, and this trait it part of what attract a high-value, quality, masculine partner. Femininity is the soil that allows the flower to blossom.

Low self-esteem can begin in youth, but there are many things we stop believing as we mature, like Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. But being "not enough" sticks around because we regularly reinforce this message to ourselves.

What You Can Do

When you learn how to train like a love athlete, you feel good about yourself, comfortable in your own skin, and love is deeper.

When you continue to work on yourself, things get better for you. You're no longer depressed, jaded and exhausted. You're hopeful.

The beauty of the process of self-love is that you just work on one thing. Work on one thing at a time. This prevents overwhelm.

When you build your inner core of self-love and you get right, the noise of the world drops and you don't hear it anymore.

The only thing that keeps you from love is FEAR. But you have to own it to get over it. Admit it if you're afraid. If you blame something or someone else, then you're a victim and that distracts you from the real issue. Don't fall for the tactics.

When you have courage, you can feel fear, but still act in love despite the fear.

As you train for love greatness, the "not enoughness" you started with gradually shrivels up and disintegrates as you became a naturally authentic beautiful flower.

When you love who you are, you're a better leader, you're better in all kinds of relationships, you're better at work... it makes life better! The best leaders are vulnerable and compassionate.

"I don't want anybody begging for love--it's your birthright! I want you to feel it so you can claim it and stop begging for it." - Daniel Packard

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