Ree's Life Update (2Q19)

Life Update 2Q19 TW.png

In this Bonus Episode ('cause I'm really on hiatus y'all), I recap some personal and professional accomplishments from the second quarter of 2019 (April through June), and what I've got planned for the rest of the year. I recorded this in my neice's bedroom while traveling (done is better than perfect)!

Current (this quarter):

  • Weight-loss progress (1:36)

  • Books I read this month (3:18)

  • Acting class - episodic scene study (7:48)

  • New talent agent (forgot to mention this)

  • New appearances on Forties Stories, Yes to You, Sincerely Mayra, EmPower Hour, Everyday VOpreneur podcasts (10:15)

  • Hired my first virtual assistant - my daughter! (10:45)

  • Hustle HER Way Summit (13:43)

  • Met my great nephew, 6 mos old! (15:50)

Coming Up: (17:33)

  • SMA trip

  • INBOUND (September, in Boston)

  • VOcation NYC (September)

  • Hawaii trip (November)

5th season starts in August! (18:37)