Journey of Hope and Triumph over Infertility with Samantha Fitts, Ed.D

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In This Episode…

  • Finding love later in life than planned 1:58

  • The journey through fertility issues and miscarriage 6:20

  • Overcoming feelings of embarrassment, being "not enough" and familial scrutiny

  • Fertility drugs (reluctantly) 7:33

  • Keeping hope alive when you get tired and are ready to give up 12:36

  • The 4 P's 16:13

  • What do when you feel ashamed and or have low self-worth after suffering a miscarriage or experiencing infertility 16:33

  • Research and look into funding in the form of grants if insurance coverage is lacking 19:37

  • The triumph of motherhood after trying times 20:40

  • The benefits of using a doula during your birth experience 25:27

  • Sharing your story with acting and "edutainment" 26:31

  • You're not alone (Michelle Obama's infertility story from her book) 30:44/32:38

Key Points

Miscarriages are common. It doesn't matter what what your color or economic status, it's common for women to miscarry. Famous women like Michelle Obama and Gabrielle Union have shared their personal stories of infertility.

  • 4P’s =Plan, prayer, patience and persistence

    • Plan Create a plan with concrete steps.

    • Prayer and meditation on the scriptures involving women and men who overcame infertility: Abraham/Sarah, Isaac/Rebekah, Rachael/ Jacob

    • Patience Life is a journey. Didn’t adopt a mindset of defeat. My faith and patience increased.

    • Persistence Faith without works is dead. Research your options, apply the information, and make adjustments if needed.

  • Dealing with negative emotions after a miscarriage or infertility experience:

    • Do not feel guilty or ashamed. Infertility /miscarriage affects more individuals worldwide than any of us could ever know. Miscarriages result from a medical condition and biological factors that nothing to do with self-worth.

    • Allow yourself to grieve after miscarriage.

    • Do not overlook the comfort and healing that can come from speaking to your minister, mental healthcare professional, or personal physician.

    • Go to an infertility support group---don’t suffer in silence.

    • Miscarriage does not mean that you will never get pregnant again or never have baby. Do not adopt the mindset of defeat. “Pick yourself up by your boot straps”.

    • Communicate with your partner and allow them to support you.

    • Look for funding if insurance does not pay for fertility treatments. You can apply for grants if you want to explore adoption, surrogacy, IVF or other expensive treatments.

Don’t give up on your dreams, whatever they are. You still have time.


Dr. Samantha Fitts, Author, Educator, Speaker






Ladies’ Day Speaker (October 16, 2019) 46th Annual Southeastern Lectureship "The Closer I Get To You Lord" Fort Lauderdale, FL Octber 12-17, 2019 Hosted by Liberty Church of Christ in Miami, FL