HPV and You: Not Just a Woman's Health Issue with Robin LaCross

In This Episode…

  • 1:16 Why it's hard for women to talk about our vaginal and reproductive health

  • 4:26 How preventing child abuse starts in the home

  • 7:58 What HPV is and why both males and females should care about it

  • 12:40 Why HPV testing for males is not promoted, and how males can test at home

  • 18:26 Background on the Gardasil vaccine and why its marketed to parents of teens

  • 21:51 How factors of treating dysplasia can put future fertility at risk

  • 24:32 Natural solutions to help your body heal itself

  • 28:25 The HPV Education Project

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Key Points

It's important to get comfortable with using the actual words for your anatomy. Each body part has a name, and there should be no shame associated with any of them. 

HPV is a sexually-transmitted virus that is extremely common.


it goes away on its own, but you don't know without taking a test, because HPV does not always produce symptoms that you can see. Untreated HPV can cause cancers that affects both sexes (oral, throat, penile, anal and cervical cancer).

Cervical dysplasia is in a way a reflection of what's going on in your body as a whole.

Females should specifically ask to be screened for HPV whenever they have a pap smear, to check for cervical cancer.

What You Can Do  

You want your child to have your values first, so that a potential abuser cannot infiltrate their thinking with messages that perpetuate secrecy. Help give children the right words for their genitals, the vocabulary to express themselves, and teach them what it means to have boundaries and proper touching. 

Taking care of your body (getting enough sleep, reducing stress, and eating well) will help you defeat or ward off HPV.  Not taking care of yourself, especially heightened stress, sex with a smoker or taking hormonal birth control can cause problems.

Test kits to screen oral, throat, penile, anal cancers are not done in the mainstream at doctor offices, but are available through Robin's website below.

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