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Maintain your peace and goodwill toward others during this holiday season and throughout the year by avoiding these 6 behaviors will destroy your peace.

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Key Points

Here are the 6 things that will destroy your peace of mind:

  1. Gossiping. Not only does it make you look bad, but it also shows other people who you are.

  2. Participating in drama. It can also mean that you are either the one causing the drama, or you are the one perpetuating it by feeding into that other person's personality issues and insecurities.

  3. Engaging with your critics.

  4. Procrastinating.

  5. People pleasing. People use people pleasers to manipulate them into getting what they want.

  6. Holding on to relationships you've outgrown or that are toxic. You cannot be afraid to let go of people that are not serving you. It doesn't mean that you're casting someone aside, unless they are being abusive or negative in some way, or disregarding your boundaries. And you have to be secure in your decision and ready for whatever reaction they make it because their reaction is not your problem or your fault.

Change is not easy. Some may prefer to stay in dysfunction because it's familiar, but is it worth your peace and happiness? Ask yourself that question the next time you are confronted with one of these scenarios. Also ask yourself: Is this situation worth me losing my mind? My dignity? God's grace over my purpose?

What You Can Do

Leave the crazy alone. It is absolutely pointless to go back and forth with over-critical people and those who are "always right". Firmly assert yourself, letting them know that the topic involving you is not up for debate. If you do not engage, the argument cannot continue. Establishing boundaries consistently is the best way to let gossipers, toxic people and others know that you are not the one to get caught up in their drama or negativity.

The key to overcoming procrastination is to implement organizational systems that will eventually become a routine. Manage paper such as magazines and bills online when possible. Toss or donate trinkets and gifts you don't want, need or use at least once a year. Store and display momentos in decorative boxes, photo albums, and furniture.

There are various levels of friendship and they can ebb and flow even if you don't choose to eliminate them. I've written extensively about toxic relationships on my blog.

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