Healing Yourself Naturally with Marie Knoetig

In This Episode…

  • Sorting through the conflicting health information coming at us from news and media every week  

  • Being wary of overloading on dietary supplements

  • Taking control of your health

  • Vetting online health advice

  • Understanding the infinite possibilities of health and healing that lie within you

Key Points

Each health practictioner has their own narrow scope and specialty that they focus on, so you can't expect one doctor to be able to answer all of your questions if there are various issues involved.

Taking too many supplements confuses the body. It operates best with the input of real nutrition (natural foods). 

What You Can Do

Get to know your body so that you will be aware when something is not right. 

You must be your own advocate when you talk to a doctor about your symptoms and concerns. 

Balance your body with nutrition first, and then if needed, slowly add in supplements and monitor whether your symptoms improve.

Focusing on your nutrition, rest and exercise will get your body back into balance. The exercise can be walking every day and engaging your core with daily activities that support your back and your core, not doing crunches or focusing on just the abdominal muscles.

Be careful with what you put in your body. Medicines and even natural herbs can have harmful, even lethal consequences if combined improperly. Always start with food as your first choice of medicine.


Connect with My Guest

Marie Knoetig, Healing arts practitioner, Intuitive energy healer, Author






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