Got Standards? Why It's GOOD to be Picky in Love and Life As a single woman, sometimes people tell me I am just too picky.  I call it "selective."

Everyone has preferences, but there are some important situations in which you SHOULD be picky, which I discuss in this video I originally shot on Periscope.  It was inspired by Master Brand Coach Jai Stone, when she said, "I can't lower my standards to meet your mediocrity," at an event I attended the day before.

4 reasons why it's good to have personal standards:

  1. It shows people that you have boundaries. If you love yourself, you will set them and not be worried about the other person's reaction.
  2. Your relationships will be more clearly defined. Standards tell others your expectations of how you want to be treated. For example, if we are dating and getting to know each other, don't make your first phone call to me at 11 pm.
  3. It tells your friends how to be a friend to you. I don't want you to only call me when you need something, and then ignore me when you don't.
  4. It tells your potential clients that you are on point. In business, you need to be reliable, consistent, and deliver quality work on time. So be excellent. Honor your commitments. Follow-through on your promises. Return calls and emails in a timely manner. (This advice applies to all relationships.)


Has anyone ever accused you of being "too picky?" What's your reaction?