Girls Gone Mild: The Fashion Continuum of Modesty to Ratchness

In This Episode…

  • Selecting appropriate fashions by age group (13 and up)

  • Setting the rules for how to dress in public

  • Guidelines for dressing modestly (and offend the fewest number of folks)

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Key Points

PINK pants

PINK pants

Standards start at home. You have to teach your children to respect the rules of the institutions they attend.

The way that we live our lives shows the youth the standards that are permissible in society, regardless of what we teach them verbally.

We should teach the youth to be themselves more than conforming to what everyone else is doing. Just because everyone else is doing something makes it okay to them, but may not necessarily be the right thing to do.

Some fashion trends are debatable, but when you are out in public, you have to consider others and not just yourself.

What You Can Do

As women, we set the standard. When you dress, you are setting the standard for how you want to be approached and/or treated by others.  It’s okay for a woman to like getting attention from a man, but just be aware that the way you dress influences how he may perceive her.  What we as women do often determines how a man will approach us.  You can dress in a classy way that shows off your beauty, even your figure, without degrading yourself or coming off to others as “easy” to get.

God created our beauty and it does need to be hidden. Even as “woman of God,” or a woman in ministry, you can be fashionable and show off your beauty in a tasteful way.

Be mindful of the image you portray because it reflects how you feel about yourself and in turn how others will treat you.



Take note of the reasons why you wear certain outfits. Are you seeking attention? Are you insecure about yourself or your body? Check your motives.

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