Girl Code

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We've got enough going on this world trying to hold us down. Let's abide by the code of womanhood. Uplift your sister. Respect yourself.

These are things that apply to women of all ages, starting with about, oh, middle school.

  1. Do not fight over a guy. (1:32) Why give him the satisfaction (literally or figuratively?)  What kind of example are you setting for your sisters, daughters, nieces, and others who look up to you?

  2. Do not engage in non-platonic contact with someone else's significant other. (3:36) It may SEEM innocent enough when they slide into your DM, but you can tell quickly when a guy is just fishing for more to see how far he can go.  Stay woke.

  3. Do not date your friends ex. (4:47) One look at trends in reality TV, or just court TV, lets you know that common sense is not so common and this rule must be stated.  Back in the day we used to call this "sloppy seconds," because it's so messy.  Seriously, there's NO ONE ELSE you can date????]

  4. Have your girlfriends back.  Speak up if others are talking about her. (7:51) When you willingly listen to that garbage, you are taking part in the destruction of her character.  You're just as guilty as if YOU were the one doing all the talking.

  5. Be honest with your friends, whether they are right or wrong. (9:30) Iyanla Vanzant has said: "Always tell the truth about who you are, what you want, what you need, and how you feel." 

  6. Keep secrets. (10:41)  To not do so is the ultimate betrayal.  Trust is hard to gain and easy to lose.  So when someone tells you something sensitive or in confidence, as long as it's not about hurting themselves or others, keep your mouth shut. And if you just can’t, warn them BEFORE they bare their soul to you.

  7. Don't talk about her behind her back. (12:09)  This goes with #4. The internet has made it easy to be a coward. You can text someone to break up with them. You can say stuff on social media and remain anonymous.  But if you wouldn't say it her face, don't say it behind her back. Same thing for emails, DMs, all that.

  8. Support your friends in their goals. (12:48)  Instead of getting jealous or wondering why it isn't happening for you, get proactive. Make some plans. Say some prayers. And don't hate-- congratulate.

100 Episode Milestone! (14:14)

My 100th episode of the Kickin' it with Daree podcast is coming soon, and I want to celebrate by hearing from YOU.

Talk about your favorite episode, favorite moment, what you heard that helped you, what resonated with you, how something inspired you, why you enjoy listening, etc.


  • Hi this is ________ . Happy 100th Episode Daree. I want you to know how much it inspired me when.....

  • Hey Daree, this is ______ from ______. Thank you for ______.  I have listened to every episode and my favorite moment was when....

If you want to be part of this, please record yourself (up to 2 min - can be on your phone) and send the feedback by 8 PM EST on January 20th to

Looking forward to it! ❤️