From Genesis to Revelation with Darren Pierre

Everything that you’re going through is preparing you PIN

Everything that you’re going through is preparing you PIN

In This Episode…

In this episode, I talked with the author of The Invitation to Love, Darren Pierre, Ph.D about:

  • Why people grow up and keep living a life of pretense

  • How you can help someone that you suspect is living a lie

  • Learning to live with authenticity

  • Having empathy for people who haven’t “grown up”

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Key Points

Everything that you’re going through is preparing you for what you’ve been asking for. But sometimes we ask for things that we don’t [yet] have the capacity or receive.

You don’t want to be someone else’s bad experience.

No action is an action.

Some of the ways that we can hijack a connection is to do it conversationally, we could do it with a mutual friend in common or we can try it with sex.

None of these methods work.  You can't take a shortcut to intimacy.

If there’s something you really want and have been waiting for, maybe this is just not the right time. Maybe you’re not ready yet, or the other person, place or thing is not ready yet. A complex order takes more time.

What You Can Do

Instead of just praying for a mate, pray to be a great partner and serve in the full expression and manifestation of a human being. Consider a mate that will complement you with each other’s strengths and not complete you.

Awareness, analysis and action. Take it through step by step. You want to know that you are engaging in some behavior or allowing some behavior by someone else that causes you negative emotions or a negative work/living situation (awareness).  Next, you would think about why you are doing what you do, or allowing something to happen. Powerlessness? Fear? Guilt? You have to keep asking yourself questions or allowing someone trustworthy to probe until you can break it all the way down to the root (analysis). Finally, you have to plan and take action. What has to change? How can you craft a plan with support and accountability to move you in that direction (action). The change will be uncomfortable, so don’t underestimate the need for support to create and implement your action plan.

Don’t become desperate or compare yourself to others. While we wait for what we want, that’s when we see what we’re made of—it’s the perfect time for personal growth and development. How deep the level of development depends on our willingness to cooperate with God and with our lifestyle, making the best of what we have today.

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Dr. Darren Pierre, Author, and Assistant Director of Student Involvement , University of Chicago





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The Invitation to Love: Recognizing the Gift Despite Pain, Fear and Resistance by Dr. Darren Pierre

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