Finding Your "Amazing" with Meiyoko Taylor

In This Episode…

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2:05 You’re “amazing,” defined

3:21 The turning point where Meiyoko learned what his “amazing” truly was

5:24 What a lot of self-help/personal development books lack

6:28 Learning is a life-long thing (no one has “made it”)

9:29 Why you must have your own personal vision and mission

11:22 What to do if something in your life does not fit in your personal mission statement

12:06 The effort of crafting your mission, and the importance of regularly reviewing your mission

15:10 What a “habitude” is and how your habitude is the key to success and improving your life

20:06 Not getting caught up in emulating others

23:15 Meiyoko’s challenge for you!

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Key Points

A personal mission statement is a design for your life. When you create your vision, you want to be able to see, touch, taste and smell it as if you’ve already accomplished it. When your inspiration or motivation is not so strong, you want something that you can refer to to remind yourself what you’re working toward and where you’re headed.

The three components of a habit are triggers, behaviors and rewards.

What You Can Do

Sum up your mission in two sentences or less that defines who you are and what you want to accomplish. If anything in your life doesn’t align with your personal mission statement, get rid of it, either immediately or plan it out in detailed steps.

Periodically refer back to your mission (every month or every quarter, for example), to refresh your mind and re-focus on the goals you’ve set.

When you read self-help books, you can apply principles to your life, but be authentic. Don’t lose yourself. Be you.

Go after something you have put off, that you have been wanting to do– without the fears of failure, the time commitment you’d expect to accomplish it, or any other objections.

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