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In This Episode…

  • Setting boundaries in relationships

  • Getting out of "the dump"

  • Using your power to set the rules of engagement for various relationships

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Key Points

People don’t always test your boundaries for selfish reasons. At some point, a pattern of behavior stops working for us and it makes us anxious or uncomfortable, and a new need arises to say “No” to things we have been saying “Yes” to for a long time.

Did you know that “No” is a complete sentence?

These rules for relationships are not just for romantic relationships. You also have to use the same wisdom when making and nurturing your friendships, and when selecting the types of music you listen to and TV you watch, etc. Don't ignore those triggers in media that cause you an emotional reaction.

You have a choice. You have the power to set boundaries.

No is a complete sentence

No is a complete sentence

What You Can Do

In what area(s) of your life does a boundary need to be set?

Latasha calls a boundary violation a dump. What will you do with the dumps you have?

Think about areas of your life that you need to change and be honest about the things you need to work on.  Think about WHY you do the things you do—whether it’s because that’s what you’re used to, how you were raised, a lack of self-confidence, or what you learned in a former relationship.

You must learn and remember that “No” is a complete sentence. You have to learn what kinds of behavior are inappropriate for a given situation, and become sensitive to clues that you are doing too much for something or someone else.

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